Your Questions About Sourdough Pancakes

Robert asks…

Can you make pancakes with no eggs?

I have everything for a simple pancake, milk &flour but no eggs. I dont have any eggs so can i just make them with only milk & flour or do I have to add something else to make up for the eggs? please help!!

sourdough answers:

My sourdough pancakes actually have a offputting gummy texture if I use eggs (even though the recipe calls for it), but I’m sure that depends on the recipe. Don’t try it if your counting on it working.

It may sound gross, but you could try mayonnaise. Use 1 1/2 tablespoons per egg, and also use it in place of the oil in the recipe. There’s not much else in mayonnaise, so it does work in cakes.

Donald asks…

How do you like your eggs and bacon and pancakes?

Nothing like a good hot Sunday breakfast before Church. We used to always have Pancakes with maple syrup and then we would have a big glass of orange juice.

How about you people?

sourdough answers:

Breakfast is one of the reasons I live where I do!

Eggs, wander over to the neighbor and buy some fresh from under a chicken!
Bacon (Sausage). The butcher shop 1/2 mile from me has the best breakfast sausage I have tasted anywhere. Very lean, lots of sage. The Butcher shop in the next town, about 15 miles, makes their own bacon, thick, peppered, and a nice smoke to it…also very well trimmed.
And pancakes, about 25 years ago I “captured” a wild yeast and have maintained this sourdough ever sence. Dad is from Vermont, so real grade b dark amber syrup. I have even made my own butter, although my co-worker got rid of his cows several years ago and I have to buy milk, butter, ice cream and cheese now…poor me.

Can’t wait till AM!

Susan asks…

Feeding the sourdough starter?

When making a sourdough, in every recipe and everybody is saying you have to feed your sourdough and it makes sense but why should we remove half of it and replace it with more flour and water? can’t i just feed the starter without removing half of it? and how often should I feed it to keep it for years? and to make big quantities?

sourdough answers:

Yes you can feed without removing, but you have to feed the whole thing, and the bigger it gets the more “food” (half and half flour and water) you have to add. You do this when you are multiplying it for gifts. The rest of the time, you can just discard it- or if you are on a septic system, flush it, it is good for the tank.

You have to feed because the culture is alive and it is eating the carbs. Left too long, nothing to eat, starvation occurs, the alcohol builds up and starts killing off the colony. The alcoholic fluid on the top is called :hooch” and yes, some people drink it.

Feed at least every other week for longevity. Every week is better. Use bottled water, or let tap water sit covered overnight to get rid of the chlorine in the water- it is hard on the sourdough colony.

You can make pancakes and waffles as well as bread-

Paul asks…

if i dont add baking powder to pancakes will it effect the way they turn out?

I want to make the pancakes that are fluffy, not the thin kind if i dont add baking powder will it effect the outcome?

sourdough answers:

Well you may want to look at getting a sourdough starter for you pancakes.

You will not need baking powder to make your pancakes nice and fluffy.

The old timers out on the trail made great pancakes with sourdough. You can add a small amount of baking soda ( not baking powder) as the last stage of your mixing of sourdough and other ingredients to make some really fluffy pancakes. If you like the taste of sourdough…. You will not go back to regular pancakes!

Charles asks…

If you had to guess, which has more calories: sourdough pancakes or oatmeal molasses french toast?

I have to go out to eat and I can’t figure out which would be more diet-friendly (and I have to pick from one of those two orders). I know it’s basically impossible to tell because you don’t know what they are making things out of, but if you had to guess…
The french toast is made from oatmeal molasses bread (if that wasn’t clear).

sourdough answers:

I would guess that sourdough pancakes have less.

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