Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Starter

David asks…

Should my sourdough starter smell like awful vomit?

I know they call it sourdough bread for a reason but this smells god awful. It’s been going for about three days now. When i checked on it today it was all doughy on top and liquid in the middle. Is this normal or should I dump it and start over?

sourdough answers:

Oh no! You’ve discovered my family’s special sourdough secret!

Daniel asks…

How do I fed a sourdough starter?

I know if I use 1 cup of starter, I add 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, and a dash of sugar. But how long does it need to sit out on my counter bubbling until I can put it back in the refridgerator?

sourdough answers: I know this sounds like a weird web address,but it does exist.It might help you.this is a websight for sourdough bread.I don`t know what you are using the starter for,but this is a very informative sight.hope I helped!

Richard asks…

How to use sour dough starter in a bread maker?

I have a sour dough starter, and i I have a bread maker, how can i use my sourdough in my bread maker?

sourdough answers:

You may want to read this: .

Plus, the suggestions here: .


James asks…

Does genuine sourdough made with 10-day aged starter taste better than a regular loaf of white sandwich bread?

Genuine sourdough bread loaf VS. an average wal-mart white sandwich bread loaf. Which tastes better?

If genuine sourdough bread tastes better, how much better does it taste compared to an average wal-mart white sandwich bread loaf?

sourdough answers:

In my book any sandwich is better on sourdough bread!

Charles asks…

Sourdough bread disaster?

I made a sourdough bread from an amish friendship bread starter…I followed all directions exactly, except i formed my loaves in 2 large loaf pans instead of three standard. I increased the cook time from 40 mins to 70 mins to accomodate for the extra thickness…I actually even added on another 15 mins because the first loaf seemed doughy when I checked it…So, now, the bread is fully cooked but seems very dense and doughy in places. What is wrong with it, and is it safe to eat?

sourdough answers:

It is fine to eat, but the texture may be a little different than expected. It really is better to use 3 standard pans, rather than 2 large. I am speaking from personal experience. Go ahead and eat it though, it should taste just fine. Good luck!

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