Your Questions About Sourdough Bread San Francisco

Donna asks…

What Souvenirs can I get for friends and co-workers after my San Francisco Elopement at City Hall?

I want something that is San Francisco authentic, if it actually said “San Francisco” on it that would be even better, but at least something that when you see it, you are reminded of San Francisco! And it it is edible it needs to be able to keep for a few days until we return to the office. (Sourdough bread may be a cute idea, but is perishable) Thanks!

sourdough answers:

Ghiridelli is the most well known but there are lots of other artisian chocolates in San Francisco.
Z Chocolato on Columbus near Green in North Beach has a great selection of house made fudge that will travel well.
Blue Bottle Coffee – Ferry Building, Mint Plaza near 5th and Mission and Patricia’s Green on Hayes at Octavia. Get beans or ground to take home.
If they are drinkers, Anchor Steam Beer. For the harder drinkers Hanger One or Skyy vodka.

Or local tees, bags or misc items all hand printed from SanFranpsycho, Upper Playground Yeah Yeah Pony Prince on Columbus near Broadway

Sandy asks…

What regional dish is your part of the world celebrated for?

If any? I am originally from the land of sourdough bread and Cioppino (a San Francisco dish – not an italian one BTW(, but now I live in Colorado, where I have heard there are no native dishes.

sourdough answers:

What?! No native dishes in Colorado? I’m a Colorado native and I would say green chili, navajo tacos, and Colorado lamb.

Chris asks…

Where can I find excellent quality bread in Las Vegas?

And by excellent i mean sourdough or french bread San Francisco Bay Area Style. Im sick of this plain bread that is all over the place here in vegas.

sourdough answers:


Michael asks…

What images and symbols accurately represent San Francisco?

If you’ve ever lived in San Francisco, what landmarks or images reflect the city?

sourdough answers:

San Francisco is often associated with the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, Alcatraz, and cable cars. The cliched animal mascots of the city are crab and the noisy sea lions who inhabit Pier 39. And most tourists come home with sourdough bread and Ghirardelli chocolate in their luggage.

In terms of more meaningful symbols, the Phoenix figures prominently on the official seal of San Francisco. The mythical bird rising from the ashes symbolizes the city’s rebirth from the devastation of the 1906 earthquake. And it also serves as a reminder that the next one will come sooner or later. You will also see statues of a monk with a hood all over the city. Especially in and around various churches. That is, of course, Francis of Assisi (the city’s patron saint).

Sharon asks…

What kind of balsamic vinegar should i use with tasting oil and sourdough bread.?

I recently visited an Italian restaurant in san francisco. They gave us bread for dipping into vinegar and oil. The balsamic vinegar they used was really sour compared to other I have tried. I want to buy a vinegar similar to it but i do not know which bottle tastes sour. What kind of vinegar do I use??

sourdough answers:

Not sure what they were using, however the best Balsamic vinegar is from Modena in Italy. I go through gallons of the stuff!!!

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