Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Nutrition

Michael asks…

How do I keep sandwich bread from drying out or getting wet in my lunchbox?

At my school we start at 9:15 and we have lunch at 2:15. I bring my own lunch since school food is really gross. But since it’s a long time between packing my lunch and eating it, my sandwich bread either dries out or gets wet and soggy.

sourdough answers:

You didn’t mention what the sandwich fillings are, but pack “wet” fillings like tuna salad in a separate container and assemble at lunch. If you are using some sort of freezer block in your lunch bag, do not put your sandwich or bread against it. Have a barrier between the cold pack and your food. A juice box or drink can go up against the pack. Put cheese and meat against the bread when building your sandwich, with vegetables in the middle. Do not put pickles or tomato on until serving time. Pack those separately, as well. Hope this helps. I have a catering company and these are the steps I take to keep sandwiches fresh for HOURS after prep, so your lunch shouldn’t be going bad so quickly, One last thing, using a “heartier” bread like a sandwich roll, or sourdough bread, or a hearty wheat, holds up better, in general, than plain loaf bread. Happy to hear you are making your own lunches– you can control your nutrition better that way!

Mark asks…

How good is the white bread made with whole grain compared to regular whole grain?

I bought a loaf of whole grain white bread. It’s really good. I prefer white bread to whole wheat-I can’t stand wheat bread. It’s got enriched bleached flour(wheat flour) not white…so is it bad for you like actually white bread is?

sourdough answers:


The reason why white bread is not as good for you is because they have taken out just about all of the nutrition. Also, the fiber has been taken out of the bread. The fiber helps absorb toxins in your colon and helps with regularity.

If you really are wondering if white bleached nutrient deficient bread can contribute to the break down in the human species, than please view the short video on my homepage at – scroll down to find it.

That video will show how a nutritious diet will produce a robust and healthy human, generation after generation. However, when vitally needed nutrients are absent in your diet, the video shows the resulting deterioration in the human species. Really a must see video

When I had lost my health, I received personal check up calls from my naturopathic doctor checking up to make sure I was not eating white flour products. So yes, white flour products are not a good health choice.

I do not know exactly what is in the whole wheat white bread that you like. First of all, I would try to mostly avoid food made with bleached white flour. It would be of interest to find out if the company includes the entire whole grain or are they filtering some of the grain out. Many companies filter out the perishable and nutritious parts of the grain and just put enough of the bran back in to make it brown or allow them to call it whole wheat.

Perhaps with your white whole wheat bread, some of the whole wheat is also taken out and then that remaining flour is bleached white. A call to their customer service might be helpful to find this out. But be aware they might not reveal their “proprietary information” – how they process their grains – with you. Also, read their ingredients label.

There are two whole wheat breads that I use in my family and that are very nutritious. I get delicious Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins made from sprouted grains from

I make my sandwiches on Alvarado Sourdough Sprouted Bread at

I find both of these breads at my natural foods grocery store.

You know one day I hope you enter the world of making homemade bread with soaked grains. When you enter into this culinary world, you will never quite view bread in the general marketplace the same.

This page will help you learn more about whole wheat flour and bread

Good luck on your journey,

Vital Force

Sharon asks…

Eating only sourdough bread to lose weight?

Can I lose weight by eating only about 5 or 6 slices of sourdough bread a day?

sourdough answers:

Sure, but its not sustainable because its not healthy (you will miss key nutritional elements from fruit and vegetables).
When you eventually return to your usual eating habits, you will just regain what you lost.
This is often referred to as “yo-yo dieting” (i.e. Lose it, gain it back; lose it, gain it back…).

You need a healthy/balanced nutrition plan, along with exercise (because only exercise triggers certain changes in blood chemistry that helps metabolize food instead of store it).

Exercise has other benefits such as maintaining muscle which helps bones retain calcium.
You may have heard as women age, they frequently have a problem with osteoporosis (calcium loss).
You can either chose to exercise (basically free), and reap all the other benefits that come with it, or… Shell out money to pharmaceutical companies for rest of your life buying calcium supplements and other medicines meant to control other issues that result from poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Thomas asks…

What is the best sourdough bread for you?


sourdough answers:

I can’t believe that nobody answered this one, yet. I’m intrigued by the question, but honestly don’t know what you’re asking. Do you mean best in terms of nutrition or best in terms of taste? And “site” for what? I’m going to assume you want to know what bread I think tastes best. And I don’t have a site.

Hands down, by far the best tasting sourdough bread is one baked in one of the old original bakeries in San Francisco. No one knows for sure, but many people argue that the reason is that the bakeries are in the basement. San Francisco is a pretty wet climate, averaging 22 inches of rain per year. You probably don’t want to hear this, but the bakeries have a green mold growing on the walls. This is what contributes to the unique taste of San Francisco sourdough. Periodically, health officials try to shut down the bakeries. So far, the bakeries have prevailed. (Keep your fingers crossed.) Now, city officials and health officials are trying again.

If you’ve never had SFsb, you don’t have to go to San Fran to get it. Go to any airport with connections to domestic flights, and you’ll find it in some of the kiosks. It is flown in fresh daily. I think you’ll agree, it’s great!

Jenny asks…

How Many Ounces is in One Slice of Sourdough Bread?

It is thinly slice bread. Thanks.

sourdough answers:

If you bought the sliced bread in a package at a store, read the label on the package. There is a “nutrition” section on the package that tells you the ingredients, the weight of a slice, the weight of the loaf, the number of slices in the package, and the nutritional value of the components (plus more information). That’s the best place to find the answer to your question.

If you’re slicing the bread yourself, there’s no way of knowing the answer to your question without taking a kitchen scale and weighing the slice. So cut the scale on, put the slice on it, and wait for the readout.

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