Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Calories

Sharon asks…

what bread should you order at restaurants?

At restaurants, they usually ask you for a choice of wheat, white, ry, or sourdough bread. Which one is the lowest in calories? which one should i choose?

sourdough answers:

All of them are high in calories. Maybe Rye is the lowest

Ken asks…

How many calories would be in a club sandwich?

If I remember correctly it had, sourdough bread, spicy mayo, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham, and bacon.

sourdough answers:

Go to and look on there it should give you a general idea. 🙂

Linda asks…

Where can I purchase a mcdonald sandwich?

I want to know if I can buy a mcdonald sandwich in the U.S. or just in europe. The mcdonald sandwich is a $150,2000 calorie sandwich. Included is sourdough bread,wagyu beef, brie de meaux,rocket salad,roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes,
mayonnaise made from fois gras and black truffle.

sourdough answers:

You can get it in London department store Selfridges

Good luck!

Susan asks…

How many calories are there in a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread?

I had a sandwich from a deli today and I was wondering how many calories (or approximately how many calories) are in this sandwich. It also had lettuce a thin layer of mayo and a thin layer of mustard?

Please help!

sourdough answers:

Usually a sandwich will have between 350-700 calories depending on the size and the condiments. For reference, a Subway roasted chicken 6 inch has about 350 cals. That’s the bread, veggies, chicken, and honey mustard sauce. If your sandwich was close to that size, I would round up to around 450 to account for the mayo. Turkey in general is usually really low calorie. I use Calorie King a lot for random calorie counts, but my fav is MyFitnessPal.

Ruth asks…

what sort of foods are fattening for a vegan?

I eat sourdough bread,boca burgers,and tropical fruit dailyand drink only water or tea daily.Ocassionally,I eat whole wheat pasta,with organic marinara sauce,and guacomole and corn tell me.i’m 5’2″ 122lbs. and 13.

sourdough answers:

Any food is fattening in excess. You will get fat if you consume more calories than you burn off.

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