Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Calories

Michael asks…

how many calories are in my sandwich?

it has 2 slices of sourdough bread, 4 pieces of salami, 1 slice of colby jack cheese, and some mustard.
any estimation on how many calories are in it?

sourdough answers:

Around 480 calories.

Two slices of sourdough bread = 140 calories
Four pieces of salami = 232 calories
One slice of colby jack cheese = 110 calories

Sharon asks…

How many calories would a sourdough bread bowl with vegetarian gumbo have?

It is a little smaller than Panera, with about a cup of soup.

sourdough answers:

Vegatable Gumbo: 100 – 200 / cup depending on what you put in it. (potatos usually up the calories ont his one)

Bread Bowl: 500 probably if its a bit smaller than one from panera.

Total: 600-700 depending on the gumbo ingredients.

Lisa asks…

What does a 1200 calories a day look like?

Ive never counted calories i just eat healthy and truely to lazy to do it 😛 but I’m curious on what it looks like. Could someone give me an idea on how 1200 calories would be spread out during the day and with what foods. Just a general idea would be great.

sourdough answers:

I found this in an exercise dvd brochure I had lol, with sample food plans w/ approx 1200 cals.

Here’s a couple-

2/3 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup banana slices
1 cup nonfat milk

1 med. Piece of fruit w/ 1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese

3 oz tuna
1 tbsp nonfat mayo
2 slices whole wheat bread
Steamed veggies

Bran muffin

3 oz grilled/broiled salmon
Steamed veggies
1 cup brown rice

& 2nd:

1/2 Bagel w/ 1 tbsp. Lowfat cream cheese
1/2 cup nonfat milk or 2/3 cup OJ
1 cup fresh fruit

1 cup lowfat yogurt

1/2 cup turkey chili
1 oz low fat cheddar cheese
1/2 sourdough roll
1/2 cup fresh fruit
Steamed veggies

1 small granola bar
1 oz frozen yogurt or sorbet

1 slice pizza (1/8 of 15 in. Med pizza)
Salad w/ 1 tbsp lowfat dressing
1 cup fresh fruit or veggies

Mark asks…

How many calories is in the subway 12 inch flatbread just the bread?

How many vs the 6 inch white bread and other breads?

sourdough answers:

The 12 inch flatbread has 460
the 6 inch white bread has 200
the 6 inch wheat has 210
the 6 inch italian has 220
the 6 inch honey oat has 260
the 6 inch italian herbs and cheese has 250
the 6 inch oregano parmesean bread has 220
the 6 inch sourdough has 210

Chris asks…

What would you eat for your last meal on this earth?

Sorry I know I just asked this but I accidentally deleted this question from my list.

Mine would be fried chicken, mashed potatos, gravy, macaroni and cheese, and butternut squash. Tons of butter (no care in the world about calories)

sourdough answers:

First as an appetizer some spinach dip with sourdough bread pieces and seasoned asparagus wrapped in prosciutto then a yummy salad with all the fixings and blue cheese dressing then my moms lasagna and rotisserie chicken and tri-tip, and some fresh garlic bread, I would drink chocolate milk with my dinner, then for desert I would have either a banana split with everything or a special cake that my mom makes only for my birthday with rocky road and strawberry ice cream on the side. After all that I think I would be too full to care about what happens to me next!!

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