Your Questions About Making Sourdough

Sharon asks…

How do you make olive rolls?

I want to make sourdough olive rolls. Can I just get a recipe for sourdough rolls and throw whatever i want into them? Or must i follow a specific recipe

sourdough answers:

If you mean bread with olives baked into it then yes…you just throw the chopped olives in a regular sourdough roll recipe. It’s the same principle in making jalapeno cornbread.

Sandy asks…

Beef Consomme & Sourdough Baguette for french onion soup. Where can I find them in the grocery store?

I know this question is stupid but I want to take a shot at making french onion soup and I don’t know where to find these ingredients… I’m thinking the baguette would be with the bakery bread but I’m not sure if they would have this in a super walmart or possibly one of those speciality food aisles in grocery stores?

Thanks! =)

sourdough answers:

Swansons makes good Beef Broth. Its on the soup aisle. White label with blue upside down triangle at the top. (The cans have a pull tab, some are in cartons–like juice boxes). Vons has a very nice bread selection in their bakery area.

Ken asks…

How can i make a reaallly good grilled cheese sandwich?

Like, when i make it it tastes good but how do i make like a fancy one like a resturants. I only want cheese in it but what kidna bread do you use? And just any tips would be cool 🙂 thanks

sourdough answers:

Sourdough bread coated with a very thin layer of mayo spread edge to edge on one side of the bread that touches the pan. Use Medium heat for the pan on the stovetop. Use thin sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese inside.

George asks…

How do you make your favorite sandwich?

I know when I make a sandwich for me, there are little things I like to do different that make it incredible. How do you make your sandwich? Best answer is the one I have for lunch tomorrow!

sourdough answers:


-lightly toasted sourdough bread slices
-coarse ground pepper
-thick cut bacon, fried until done, but still chewy
-thinly sliced roma tomatoes, dash of kosher salt
-shredded iceberg lettuce or arugula or watercress
-I’ve also been known to scatter some blue cheese crumbles onto this sandwich, but that really is gilding the lily…… 😉

Jenny asks…

What can you do to make a grilled cheese different?

What are some variations on making a grilled cheese sandwich?

sourdough answers:

You can do alot of things.

Even without getting extravagant, you can do a lot by experimenting with different breads and cheeses ( i like sourdoughs, and Trader Joes used to carry a wonderful sourdough rye) Something like apepperjack can change the whole flavor.

Depending on my mood, i might also add things, some of my favorites being sliced tomatoes, prosciutto, bacon, jalapenos, whatever grabs my fancy, (probably my overall fave would be: sourdough bread, a mix of American and pepper jack cheese, tomatoes and bacon)

You can also add a little variety, simply by changing up the different soups you have with it(at least I always have soup without, ultimate wet winter comfort food, especially with a glass of hot homemade apple cider)

So experiment a little, it is cheap, and you might even have some fun doing it.

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