Your Questions About Making Sourdough Bread More Sour

Mary asks…

What makes sourdough bread sour?

Why is sourdough bread sour?

sourdough answers:

Lactobacillus bacteria… Sourdough is a combination of yeast and bacteria.
The bacteria creates lactic acid (similar to yogurt) which sours the bread.

George asks…

What food should I buy to get started out?

My friend and I just moved into our first place outside our parent’s places and we are very limited in our foods at the moment. We have bananas, cereal, oatmeal, milk, ramen noodles, and some carrots. The next time I go out to shop for groceries (gonna be pretty quick here) what should I include on my list for a healthy, yet easy to prepare diet for two bachelors?

sourdough answers:

Sourdough bread (or any non-white bread)
Lettuce blends
Red and green onions
Red and green bell peppers
Chicken breasts
Frozen shrimp
Lean deli meat
Cottage cheese
Sour cream
Tortillas (if you don’t make your own)
Olive oil
Flour, sugar, salt, pepper, any spices and herbs you like
Rice, beans, canned or frozen veggies
A little 4 pack of white wine bottles for pasta sauces and risotto
Green and or black olives
Granola bars
Balsamic and white vinegar

–Some random things I always have in the kitchen.

Mark asks…

Can anyone describe what the traditional sourdough fermentation in bread making is like?

Any advantages or disadvantages of this method over the current method.

sourdough answers:

It stinks, takes a long time and is difficult to control. I just make a version of Irish soda bread with sour milk and extra white vinegar. Comes out almost the same–just remember to brush it with butter while it bakes.

Carol asks…

Is there a recipe out there for an Amish Friendship Bread (or Herman) starter that is not a SWEET bread?

I am looking for a Friendship Bread aka Herman starter that I can give away to friends that is not sweet but more like a sourdough or white bread. Please help!

sourdough answers:

Here is a site that has all you need to know about making sour dough starter and bread. You can surely make whatever adaptations you like.


Robert asks…

What should a boy serve at his Sweet /Sour Sixteen Party..???

I am having a Sweet/Sour Sixteen Party and was wondering what i should make or buy to serve my guest at the party..???? Ex: i have 1 dish and that is Baked Beans. But what else should go with it..?? I need a couple of choices to go with it.

sourdough answers:

Make everything sweet, sour, or a combo of both.
Have sweet and sour chicken from your fave chinese restaurant, sweet rolls and sourdough bread, with a sweet/sour beverage. Try adding some grenadine to some sour mix and top with a marachino cherry. Serve with sour patch kids, lemon heads, and other “sour” candy along with some sweets like cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or other candies.

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