Your Questions About Cooking Sourdough Bread

Thomas asks…

What temperature do you use to warm up and melt garlic spread on sourdough bread?

It’s already cooked bread. I just want to toast it and melt the garlic spread. Do I need to put it in foil or just on a cooking sheet?

sourdough answers:

The best way is to use a small table top toaster oven. Spread the bread with the garlic and then toast.

If you do not have a toaster oven, put a small amount of garlic spread in a small bowl and let it stand at room temperature, then spread on toasted bread.

I sometimes use a microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds to melt a small amount of garlic spread.

Jenny asks…

How would homemade soup and sourdough bread for lunch sound right now?

I was inspired by my daughter’s school, which organized an all-school Stone Soup cook-off.

sourdough answers:

Sounds delightful.
Homemade soup AND homemade bread. Not enough restaurants do that and it’s great the school is introducing kids to tasteful eating habits, for a change.

Linda asks…

Where to buy Sourdough bread in the UK?

It is my husband’s birthday tomorrow and for the meal I am cooking for him I need sourdough round bread. I have no idea where to get this, and I dont think Ill have time to make it! Does anyone know where I could get them, or an equal substitute?

sourdough answers:

Sainsburys do it, very easy, very tasty, but youd be best off making it. Here are two good recipies:

Good luck and hope the meal goes well!

William asks…

I am looking for a Portugese dish called Soupish or Sopesh, please help, I know I am forgetting something?

It’s a beef dish w/red wine & mint served over sourdough bread

sourdough answers:

Madeira, diced (sourdough) bread and minced meat??
That’s portugese breadsoup
(fry minced meat, chopped onion and nutmeg in a pan, add 1 litre meat bouillon. Cook for 30 minutes.
Dice bread, press 1 toe garlic and mix with 3 tablespoons olive oil and cover the diced bread. Brown bread in a frying pan.
Chop a handfull mint. Divide bread and mint over 4 plates and add soup.)

Sandra asks…

What is good to have along with shepherds pie at dinner?

Im cooking shepherds pie for dinner saturday night and i want something to go along with it. any suggestions?

sourdough answers:

I would say a nice sourdough bread maybe with galic butter and chesse.

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