sourdough roll

Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Calories

Michael asks… how many calories are in my sandwich? it has 2 slices of sourdough bread, 4 pieces of salami, 1 slice of colby jack cheese, and some mustard. any estimation on how many calories are in it? sourdough answers: Around 480 calories. Two slices of sourdough bread = 140 calories Four pieces of salami […]

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Your Questions About Cooking Sourdough Rolls

Carol asks… Is anyone else confused that sweetbreads are animal organs? I just saw chefs on Food Network cooking sweetbreads and I was thinking yum, sourdough rolls or something. But no, it’s calf/ lamb/ chicken throat parts and other organs. That’s so weird to me that it’s called sweetbreads lol CMC- I have been to […]

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