sourdough bread starter

Your Questions About Sourdough Bread Starter

David asks… Should my sourdough starter smell like awful vomit? I know they call it sourdough bread for a reason but this smells god awful. It’s been going for about three days now. When i checked on it today it was all doughy on top and liquid in the middle. Is this normal or should […]

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Your Questions About Making Sourdough Bread Starter

Robert asks… Rye Bread Recipe for Bread Machine? We’re having great success making French Bread dough in our bread machine and then baking it in the oven. I want to do the same with a Rye Bread (dough in machine and bake in oven) but I can’t find a recipe. Any help would be appreciated. […]

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Your Questions About Sourdough Starter Feeding

Chris asks… When feeding a sourdough starter, is the dough you remove a second starter? When you remove half of your starter and replace with flour and water, is the removed dough a second culture? Like, could I feed it as well and have 2 starters? sourdough answers: The main reason you remove half of […]

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