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Your Questions About Sourdough Starter Feeding

Carol asks… Does anything chemically happen when you put sugar and milk in a bag for 10 days? Any chemical cooking reactions that happen when you put sugar, flour, and milk in a ziploc plastic bag for ten days? You also take out the air. Someone gave me this as a starter for some bogus […]

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Your Questions About Making Sourdough Bread Starter

Robert asks… Rye Bread Recipe for Bread Machine? We’re having great success making French Bread dough in our bread machine and then baking it in the oven. I want to do the same with a Rye Bread (dough in machine and bake in oven) but I can’t find a recipe. Any help would be appreciated. […]

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Your Questions About Sourdough Starter Crock

Lisa asks… Hi guys, can anyone tell me what a bread crock is used for? sourdough answers: I think – if it is like a bowl with a fitted lid – then it is something where you put raw sourdough bread mix. Sourdough is not made a batch at a time. You start off with […]

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